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There are ways by which you can increase your height without actually having to drink special substances. These methods will not require you to drink any chemical substance and will render the most desirable results. One of the best known methods that you could consider opting for if you wish to know how to grow taller is limb lengthening. While such a method is very expensive and also very painful, you will be able to cause a spurt in your height by two or three inches at least if you opt for this method. Another effective method for height gain that you can resort to, which will not cause you a lot of money and is also much less painful is the use of a shoe lift. In order to understand how you should carry out these how to grow taller techniques, there are some very vital steps that you have to bear in mind.

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If you wish to know how to grow taller using a shoe lift then the first thing that you have to do is select the lift that you prefer for your shoes. This is a very important how to grow taller step that you have to implement when using shoe lifts for growing tall. The full length lifts are a better option since they can be attached more securely to your shoes than the heel lifts. This is because you will be able to attach these lifts a lot more securely to your shoes than the heel lifts. Once you have made your selection of shoe lift, you need to go ahead and fix this to your shoes.

In case you use the heel shoe lift for making yourself look tall, you must make sure to use the gum known as cyanocrylate adhesive. If you happen to be using the full length shoe lift, then you do not need to attach these to your shoes with the use of gum. You should consider the idea of trimming the front ends of these lifts using scissors so as to make sure that you have a proper fit. You do not have to glue your full length shoe lifts like you have to glue your heel shoe lift.

While limb lengthening is considered to be one of the most effective ways by which you can increase your height, you should always make it a point to consult your doctor before you decide to go in for this surgical procedure. You need to find out whether your body is capable of withstanding a procedure like limb lengthening both physically as well as mentally. If the doctors feel that you are capable of undergoing the limb lengthening process then you can go ahead and undergo this surgery. Limb lengthening is basically a process whereby the surgeon inserts a few metal pins right into your bones and then stretches these pins in order to create gaps in your bones. Your body will fill the gaps naturally using the new bone materials.

After the surgery has been completed, you should begin the recovery process which might take as long as a whole year. This is a most vital how to grow taller step because the recovery process is known to take a very long time.

Thus, if you want to know how to grow taller, there are a number of procedures that you need to carry out to achieve your goal. Thus, there are several how to grow taller tips you need to consider when opting for limb lengthening or a shoe lift as ways of increasing your height. By keeping these how to grow taller tips in mind, you will be able to ensure that there is a spurt in your height quite easily.

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